About Our Brand

Branding Runs Deeper Than A Logo

A brand is a promise, and it is one shaped by our values and expressed through how we talk, feel and act, and also how we represent who we are. Consistent and genuine communication of the SDSU identity and our community will help people to connect to one another and to our university while sustaining an authentic and powerful brand.

Our Mission

San Diego State University transforms lives and transcends borders through teaching, research and enriching experiences. Our community is empowered to create a more equitable, compassionate and prosperous world.

Adela de la Torre, Ph.D.

From the President

“The SDSU brand builds upon our global reputation as a modern academic and research powerhouse, and a transborder university. Our brand showcases our positive impact on the region, state and nation, the attributes that draw top students and faculty, and the acclaim we receive for our programs and our commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

Transcending Borders, Transforming Lives.

Brand Purpose

Transcending Borders, Transforming Lives.

We are a dynamic collective of environmentalists, innovators, athletes, artists and explorers driven to transform the world around us. Our differences define us as much as our common ground. Here, education is our foundation, but culture is what connects us.