Promotional Items

Branded promotional items and merchandise are memorable ways to connect with our audiences.  Follow guidelines and licensing protocol for an impactful promotion or event.

General Guidelines

Keep designs simple and brand-aligned to reinforce brand recognition.

  • Use brand fonts
  • Select products that use SDSU brand colors with red and black always being the primary colors
  • For embroidered items and smaller applications, use the Level 1 logo
  • There should be strong contrast of colors for readability

Usage Examples

These examples showcase ways to apply the brand including logo type and positioning, fonts and colors. They represent some, not all, proper brand applications.

SDSU Canopy
Table Linen
Table Linen
SDSU Backdrop
SDSU Red Cap
Red Cap
SDSU Envelope

SDSU Notepad

Polo Shirts

Red SDSU Polo

Logo Usage

  • Use the stacked (vertical) logo on polos. The horizontal logo runs too long and doesn’t sit well on the left chest.
  • The Level 1 logo (one level deep in the SDSU hierarchy) should be used. If you need a Level 1 logo created, please submit a Logo Lockup Request Form.

Logo Orientation and Size

White SDSU Polo

Size Requirements 
The width across the logo from the "S" to the "U" in SDSU, typically spans approximately 3 inches. The overall width of the logo may increase slightly if the text lines below SDSU extend beyond the right side of the "U" in SDSU.

The logo should be placed on the "left chest" location. If there is a need to incorporate a name, title, or secondary logo, position them on the right chest or right sleeve to create a visual balance.

Logo and Shirt Colors

Black SDSU Polo

Select shirts within our red and black color palette.  White and gray shirts are also accepted. Visit the brand colors page for details. 

Color Guidelines:

  • Black Polo: all white logo or full color reverse (with white text at bottom)
  • Red Polo: all black logo or all white logo
  • White Polo: all black logo or full color logo
  • Gray Polo: all white, full color (change line to black to increase visibility) or full color reverse logo


Student handing merch to a person

All promotional orders using the University's marks must use a licensed vendor. 

Aztec Shops
Aztec Shops is one of the preferred vendors for special orders; all of their vendors are licensed. Using a licensed vendor ensures that factories producing collegiate merchandise are practicing fair and ethical labor standards in the U.S. as well as overseas. 

Contact Information
Merchandise Quotes: Mykal Ramirez, [email protected]
Licensed Vendor Questions: Kathy Brown, [email protected]