Photography and Video Production

StratComm provides video production and photography support to campus partners for various content needs including promotional, editorial and informational.

How to Submit a Request

Please review the list of services below along with the estimated hours for each project.  Projects should be submitted at least six weeks before the deadline/delivery date

  • Photo Shoot
  • Broll / Footage
  • Editing Existing Video (with current footage)
  • Editing Existing Video (with new footage / interviews)
  • Video Package
  • Department and/or Anniversary Longer Form Videos
  • Virtual Event Video Package
  • In Person Event Video Package

StratComm has one full-time multimedia content producer and, therefore, we are unable to take on every request submitted. Video production/photography support for instructional content is available from Instructional Technology Services (ITS).

To streamline the multimedia process, please submit your video or photo request below.

Submit Video or Photo Request