Photography and Video Production

Our Multimedia Production Specialists provide video production and photography support to campus partners for various content needs including promotional, editorial and informational.

How to Submit a Request

Review the list of services below along with the estimated hours for each project. Please note that we do not take headshots. Projects should be submitted four weeks before the deadline/delivery date

  • Photo Shoot
  • Broll / Footage
  • Editing Existing Video (with current footage)
  • Editing Existing Video (with new footage / interviews)
  • Video Package
  • Department and/or Anniversary Longer Form Videos
  • Virtual Event Video Package
  • In Person Event Video Package

To streamline the multimedia process, please submit your video or photo to [email protected] and include the following information:

  • Title of the Project
  • Type of multimedia content needed
  • Deadline date (date when project needs to be completely approved and final)
  • Short project overview
  • What channels the video will be used for

There are two full-time multimedia content producer and, therefore, we are unable to take on every request. Video production/photography support for instructional content is available from Instructional Technology Services (ITS).