Campus Resources

There are several ways to raise awareness about your college, school, program or event through on campus advertising, email and social media.  Navigate below to find all the details to use various channels and platforms across campus. 

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On Campus Advertising

There are several ways to raise awareness about your college, unit, program or event.  You’ll find more information on SDSU outlets including the freeway marquee, pole banners and digital signage.

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Special Initiatives Toolkit

Find campaign materials, messaging and design assets for university-wide campaigns, special events and initiatives. 

SDSU Hallways


SDSU uses Modern Campus Content Management System for creating websites. Find resources on how to build SDSU websites to brand.

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SDSU uses email as a primary form of internal communication, aided by the use of a centralized email automation tool to allow administrators to communicate efficiently with their college or department's constituents.

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Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to share information, promote the university's brand, and engage with the SDSU community online. StratComm is dedicated to collaborating with campus partners to strengthen SDSU’s social media presence and tell the university's story in a meaningful way.

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Canva Pro

With Canva Pro, teams have access to easy to use graphic design tools with a suite of branded templates and resources.  The platform also provides collaboration features, creating an efficient workflow.