The SDSU story is best told within a consistent brand framework, including logos and monograms. This section gives guidance on proper usage.

Primary SDSU logo

SDSU Primary Logo 

Our logo is the most important and recognizable element of our brand’s identity. It is an icon that represents our organization to the world and acts as an identifying and unifying mark.

Presidential Seal

Presidential Seal

Depicting the university’s iconic Hepner Hall, the Presidential Seal is the official logo for the President and the Office of the President. Use of the Presidential Seal requires prior approval from Strategic Communications and Public Affairs.

SDSU Athletics logo

Athletics Logo

Our Athletics logo is intended for all items that need to represent strictly SDSU athletics only.  The Athletics logo and brand identity has not been changed or updated; the brand refresh has occurred for the institutional brand only.

Logo Policy

The university logos cannot be modified. These manipulations and interpretations dilute the integrity of our graphic identity. University symbols are owned and licensed by the university. They may not be incorporated into another design to create a new symbol. Please review the Logo Policy for more information.

Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union at night