SDSU Imperial Valley Branding

An intentional, united and consistent message and look is key to a strong brand. The quality of SDSU’s materials, visuals and messaging should match the exceptional academic experience that SDSU Imperial Valley provides. 

Marketing Material Review

All marketing materials, to include flyers, banners, one-sheeters, presentations, promotional and apparel, need to be reviewed by Daniella Rodiles for brand alignment.

  • External Marketing Materials - send for review two weeks before use
  • Internal Marketing Materials - send for review two weeks before use
  • Event Materials - send for review one month before event
  • Contact: Daniella Rodiles, [email protected]

Brand in Action


Canva Pro

Brand Examples

SDSU Imperial Valley staff members can request access to Canva Pro, an online graphic design tool that easily allows users to create on-brand designs such as flyers, social media posts and presentations, and utilize SDSU’s visual elements and templates.

Request Canva Access

Visual Identity One Pager


Download the Visual Identity one-sheeter, which is a quick reference guide to SDSU’s brand essentials.

Download visual identity guide

Logo Downloads

SDSU Imperial Valley

Official SDSU Imperial Valley logos can be downloaded. Refer to the Primary Logo page for appropriate usage and design guidelines.

Download logos


Girl Speaking into Mic

Images used in materials should be high quality and reflect the university’s values and mission.  Photos should feel natural and showcase movement and engagement whenever possible.  Candid imagery capturing a sense of place that reflects our physical location is ideal.

Photo gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

To request an official logo lockup for your unit free of charge, fill out this short form.

Send internal marketing materials for review to [email protected] 2-3 weeks prior to either sharing them or sending them to Alejandrina Gonzalez for printing.  

For event materials, send a draft for review and approval one month before the event to allow enough time for promotion and outreach.

Items sent for review less than one week prior will not be accepted. 

For website requests regarding images, content or contact information for a page under SDSU Imperial Valley’s website, contact Daniella Rodiles at [email protected] and Fernanda Ferreiro at [email protected] for coordination and to confirm next steps on the request. 

Please follow the instructions on the email signature template page


If you have any questions or need support:

Daniella Rodiles, SDSU Imperial Valley Marketing and Media Relations Specialist, [email protected]

Megan Newton, SDSU Senior Director of Brand Marketing and Digital Media, [email protected]