Design Templates

Design Showcase + Templates

These examples showcase how the brand identity can be visually expressed for various channels. Design should be able to flex for different audiences but still stay within the brand framework for a cohesive identity.

Digital Ads

SDSU digital ads.
Within small spaces such as digital ads, text should be audience-focused and kept to a minimum. Include our logo at a legible size and an enticing call to action.

Digital Advertising Templates

Print Ads

SDSU print ad
Photography within advertising should capture subjects engaged in a moment and reflect our brand personality. Include our design elements as needed for a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing advertisement.

Print Advertising Template


Make use of white space. Break up lines of text so your reader can skim content; use branded colors and fonts to highlight specific messages. Great visuals aid readability.

Outdoor Advertising

outdoor advertisement
Your message should be concise and bold. Ensure our logo is large enough to be legible and the design has high contrast colors to stand out and catch attention.

Social Media

students on campus looking at phone
Social Media cover and profile images should utilize our official color palette and include design elements as necessary. We have several social media templates that are visually consistent with our brand identity. Templates can be accessed by using our Photoshop files or through Canva Pro. Please email [email protected] for more information about Canva Pro.

Photoshop Social Templates

Text Only

Text + 1 Image


Profile Photo

Cover Photo

Powerpoint Templates

students in class
It is preferred to use a branded powerpoint template when presenting especially to external partners.

PowerPoint 1: SDSU White background

POWERPOINT 2: SDSU Red Background

powerpoint 3: SDSU Strategic Plan

Zoom Backgrounds

Students studying in SDSU library
Below are branded zoom backgrounds options for your meetings, webinars and media interviews.

Branded Backgrounds

Red Pattern Background

Red Background

White Background

Monogram Background

Campus Backgrounds

Hepner Hall Background

Student Union Background

Library Background

SDSU Imperial Valley Background

Media Backgrounds

Red Step and Repeat