Freeway Marquee

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Please read all instructions below and then fill out the form.

Freeway Marquee Guidelines

The freeway message board provides and opportunity to present campus events and the activities to the community. Messages carried the board are intended for off-campus audiences. Priority for All-University use will be given to messages concerning:

  • All-University events that attract the general public including (but not limited to) Commencement and Homecoming;
  • Cultural activities on campus that attract the general public and for which admission is charged including (but not limited to) theater, music and dance performances, and art exhibitions;
  • General campus announcements;
  • Alumni membership and event announcements;
  • Seasonal or community messages.

Messages can be displayed on the marquee up to two (2) weeks prior to your event. Messages will not be displayed longer than two weeks.

Using one to three lines, fourteen spaces are available per line and equal ONE frame. Your message may occupy two frames maximum. Reminder: You may not include phone numbers. URLs must fit on ONE line.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high volume of requests, student organizations are exempt from posting on the freeway sign as there is limited space and availability. The new student union will provide several opportunities for organizations to advertise and promote events.


Requests submitted less than seven (7) days prior to start date may not be accomodated on time.

Requests will be processed within 5 working days. You will be notified if your message is not approved or needs to be edited.

If you want a picture included in your message, please add five (5) Xs to the beginning of all 3 lines of the frame and then start your text. The picture must be in a 72dpi JPEG format. Please email it to [email protected].

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