Pole Banners

Catching Campus Attention

The purpose of SDSU Interior campus pole banners is to add ambiance to the campus by promoting the university brand, campus seasons, festivities and events. Pole Banners are most effective when they are installed in adequate numbers and with enough visual continuity to create an overall coordinated message or impression.

Location and Quantity

Pole Banners may only be installed at the indicated available locations (see graphic) designated by the university, on light posts that are designed to accommodate banner arms.

Most pole banner locations will be assigned to specific SDSU entities which will be responsible for content, schedule and rotation. For a complete listing for banner location and scheduling see online map. Individual entities wishing to display banners will be limited to specific areas as indicated on the banner map and must be approved according to the process outlined on this page.

No more than one banner may be installed per light pole at one time. No more than two distinctive banner designs may be displayed on any segment of an approved location at one time. Banners of distinct design must be installed to create a pattern or rhythm that maintains an overall coordinated look. If a section of banners has a distinct banner design, one of the two banners must repeat from and to the adjacent sections.

Content and Design

Pole Banners must promote SDSU and university events, initiatives, seasons or facilities that are of general interest to the public and campus community. Third party advertising or other commercial messages are not allowed on Pole Banners. Pole Banners may not identify or promote any political candidate, parties, issues, or religion.

Pole Banners displayed simultaneously may have up to two distinct designs, but must be thematically and graphically coordinated. Thematically and graphically coordinated banners will have consistency among the elements in the banners such as colors, scale and placement of graphics, and balance of graphics, text and background. Other consistency elements to consider include the use of photographic images versus other types of illustrations, the type of background (solid color, borders or full banner background image) and the size and font used for text.

The name “San Diego State University” or any official SDSU logo and/or tagline (reference visual identity guidelines) must appear in a consistent form and location within the layout of the banner or be contained as a separate line of copy/logo and take up at least 10% of the banner.

Final art will need to be in either vector (.ai or .pdf) or raster (hi res (300 ppi) .tif or .pdf) format.

Designing for SDSU Pole BannersMap of Pole Banner Reference Locations

Approval Process

All pole banner requests must be submitted to SDSU Facilities Services Work Control Center for review and approval by Strategic Communications and Public Affairs and Facilities Graphics.

  1. Submit all requests for pole banner display projects using the online submission form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Submit pole banner project request at least 8 weeks prior to desired date of installation. (allow three weeks for review/ approval and five weeks for fabrication/installation)
  3. Submissions must include:
    1. Name of sponsoring group (with contact person identified)
    2. Written description of purpose of display
    3. Start and end dates of the event/promotion
    4. Documentation of support from the sponsoring group’s administrative officer
    5. Digital production files. vector or hi res (300ppi+) raster
    6. List/plan of proposed locations (per available locations shown on SDSU pole banner website)
  4. Stratcomm will review banner requests to ensure conformance with university visual identity guidelines and visual consistency with other campus banners, particularly any adjacent ones.
  5. Facilities Services will review to determine if request can be physically accommodated.
  6. If deemed necessary, other administrative units may be asked to participate in the review/approval process.
  7. Facilities Services Work Control Center will communicate the results of the review and approval process to the requestor. Results will be: project approved, approved with requested modifications or rejected with reasons listed.

Installation, Maintenance and Removal

For on-campus light poles, contact Facilities Services for installation and removal. The requestor is responsible for all costs associated with installation and removal.

Requestor will arrange for delivery of finished banners to Facilities Services for installation.

Requestor is responsible for the cost of maintaining banners in good condition for the duration of the display, including the cost of removing and/or replacing any damaged banners.

Damaged banners must be removed or replaced promptly when directed to do so by Facilities Services.

Request Form

Pole Banner Location(s) - Refer to PDF Map*
Please be as descriptive as possible.

For more information, please contact StratComm by emailing [email protected].