Title IX

Title IX is a federal law that provides protection against all forms of sex or gender discrimination for students, educators, and school employees. This encompasses a range of issues, including sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual exploitation, dating and domestic violence, stalking, and retaliation.

The Title IX campaign was created to raise awareness of sexual assault prevention and how to help sexual assault victims to better understand their rights.

Design Assets

Materials include social media graphics, digital displays, and informational flyers.

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Our messaging establishes deep emotional connections with students, fostering a supportive community at San Diego State University

  • You have options. SDSU can help.
  • End It Now
  • SDSU It's On Us national campaign plays a crucial role by recognizing sexual assault as a serious issue. Take the pledge as a personal commitment to be an active part of the solution and ensure safety at SDSU. Join us by visiting the It's On Us website and taking the pledge today.


For Title IX marketing materials, definitions are crucial for educating individuals, clarifying terms, and fostering a culture of consent and respect. To learn more about Title IX terms and definitions, visit the Definitions page.

Seeking Assistance?

Victims of Sexual Violence are encouraged to reach out to our campus Title IX Administrators for resources and assistance.

Title IX Coordinator

Gail Mendez,  [email protected]  

Title IX Deputy Coordinators

Dr. Lee Mintz, [email protected]

Jenny Bramer, [email protected]

Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

Jess Marshall, [email protected]


SDSU Title IX Resources
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-1620

Title IX (Faculty/ Staff) 619-594-6464
Title IX (Athletics) 619-594-0394
Title IX (Students) 619-594-3069

Helpful Links 

Title IX Policies and Procedures for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Title IX and Sexual Violence Informational Booklet

Rights and Options for Victims of Sexual Violence, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking