University Monogram

University monograms do not include full university name, and are therefore intended to be used for familiar audiences or in a more expressive manner. Monograms may be used as large super-graphics, background textures, or as logos for places that are too small for the full primary logo to appear. 

Solid Monogram

The solid monogram is primary, and should be utilized most frequently. Use the solid monogram for social icons and on-campus banners and signage. If the monogram is intended to stand-in for the primary logo, use the solid version. 

Solid university monogram in red, black and white
Solid Monogram

Inline and Boxed Monograms

The inline and boxed versions should be reserved for special use cases, or used in a secondary manner alongside the primary university logo. Use of the special case monogram requires approval from Strategic Communications and Public Affairs; please contact [email protected].

Inline monogram in red, black and white
Inline Monogram
Boxed monogram in red, black and white
Boxed Monogram


Red, black, and white are preferred primary colors, although there may be exceptions where teal may be used to extend the available palette for banners or merchandise. 

See Brand Color Palette